4 of the Best Mats for Mat Wells and Recesses

Mat wells and recesses are an excellent choice for a safer entrance due to the fact they allow the mat to lie level with the surrounding floor. This eliminates the trip hazard that can be associated with loose lay matting. However, one of the problems associated with having a mat well / recess is that you need to purchase a mat to fit the exact shape, size and depth of the well / recess or at least purchase an oversize mat and cut it down to fit. This drastically reduces the choice of mat you have and makes choosing the right one much more difficult. This blog will help you choose correctly and gives you 4 of the best mats for mat wells and recesses.

Coir matting for mat wells and recesses

Coir, also known as coconut matting, is used extensively in both commercial and domestic mat wells and recesses. No wonder really when you consider it is readily available in many sizes and depths, is easy to cut to fit and is generally a lot cheaper than most other options. For all these reasons, coir was traditionally one of the best mats for mat wells and recesses.

Coir does come with some health and safety issues which means the popularity of coir is now fading, particularly in commercial applications. Coir falls foul of the DDA Disability Discrimination Act because it is difficult for wheelchairs and wheeled traffic to manoeuvre on, which could be a problem in the event of a fire. It is also less durable and more difficult to clean than the other options we feature here, so will need replacing far more often, which negates the cheaper price you pay for it in the first place.

Coir in entrance mat well and recess

Logo mats for mat wells and recesses

Businesses have realised the opportunity of using their floor space, including their mats, for branding purposes and to make their entrance more welcoming to visitors. Nothing does this better than a logo mat printed with the company logo or a welcome message. Most good matting companies can make logo mats to any size required to fit the mat well. It is often best to order a slightly larger size than you require and trim to fit, which will ensure a good fit when it comes to installation.

Logo mat for mat wells and mat recesses

Mat tiles for mat wells and recesses

Tiles are one of the best mats for mat wells and recesses because you simply order the quantity you need to cover the area you require and then cut the tiles to fit as needed. They are especially suited if you have a large mat well / recess or one that is of an unusual shape. Damaged tiles can be replaced with fresh tiles and attractive patterns can be formed by varying the colour of tiles.

Tiles are one of the most popular choices for heavy foot fall entrances found in large commercial environments such as in retail, public buildings and airports for example.

Carpet tiles for mat wells and recesses

Grid tiles for mat wells and recesses

Like mat tiles above, but without the carpeted top which means that grid tiles do not have the drying properties of carpeted tiles. Instead they are best used for scraping mud and dirt off footwear. This makes them one of the best mats for mat wells and recesses for external applications and outside entrances. They tend to be made from rubber or PVC and are usually very durable. They have all the benefits of tiles, in that they can be cut to fit and replaced with ease.

Grid matting tiles for mat wells and recesses

Still need help choosing?

Whilst well mats and recess mats are an ideal choice to make your entrance safer, if you choose wrongly they can actually create a health and safety problem. If you would like advice on the best mats for wells and recesses, then we’re here to help you choose correctly. Simply contact us through the health and safety mats website or call 0121 313 6747. Alternatively view our selection of mats for wells and recesses on our website here.


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