6 Things to Consider when Choosing Mats for Boats and Marine Vessels

When purchasing mats for boats / marine vessels, you have specific requirements and are faced with a unique set of issues to overcome, which makes choosing the right mats that bit more difficult. Our blog identifies the key properties that you should look for in a mat when purchasing for boats and marine vessels.

1. Slip resistance:

The decks and surfaces of a boat are frequently wet and slippery, so choosing a mat with good anti-slip properties in all areas that may be walked upon, is key for on-board safety. Look for a mat with a surface that provides excellent traction underfoot.

Boat gangway matting
Roll matting used to stop slips and for dirt removal on luxury yacht gangway

2. Drainable:

With the likelihood of there being an increased amount of water than your average mat has to handle, mats for the external areas of boats and marine vessels need to have excellent drainage. This will allow the water to flow away and not sit on top of the mat which could result in a slip hazard. Look for mats with drainage holes and drainage channels on the reverse of the mat.

If the mat is to be placed internally, then you may need the mat to hold onto water rather than allow it to drain away and spill onto surrounding floors. If this is what you require, then choose a mat with good absorption or, even better, with a water dam that can hold onto even more water.

3. Supplied in rolls:

Walkways on vessels are often long and narrow. Small, individual mats may be more of a trip hazard than a benefit. Roll mats are especially suited to boats as they can cover long runs with a single mat.

Boat Walkway Matting
Roll matting cut to size and used for anti slip and comfort purposes

4. Cut to size:

There are many nooks, crannies and fixtures on boats to fit mats around and areas are rarely of a regular size or shape. Mats can also be used in very compact areas, such as compartments and lockers for drainage and protection. The solution is to choose mats that can be cut to size without damaging the construction or performance of the mat.

Boat compartment matting
Mat used to line boat compartment to protect equipment rom damage

5. Non-porous:

If water and other contaminants can penetrate the surface of the mat, this can lead to degradation and the formation of odours. Choose a non-porous mat unless the mat is to be used internally to remove moisture in which case ensure the mat is washable.

6. Flexible:

Not all walkways are straight and not all surfaces are flat. Mats for boats and marine vessels often need to contour to the irregularities found on-board and so it may be necessary to choose mats with a degree of flexibility.

What to do next?

We have several mats which are ideal for boats and marine vessels on our website www.healthandsafetymats.co.uk. Here are a few to consider:

Heronrib Wet Area Barefoot mats: Ideal for wet areas that require comfort when walking on with bare-feet and for use in compartments or lockers. They are anti-microbial, non-porous, drainable, non-slip, flexible and can be cut to size.

Vynagrip Non Slip Roll Mats: Excellent traction and very hard wearing. They are non-porous, drainable, non-slip and can be cut to size.

Comfort Flow: All rubber mat is very comfortable under foot and gives excellent traction and drainage. They are non-porous, anti-micorbial, flexible and non-slip.

Waterhog Classic: Ideal for internal use to take water and mud off footwear. Feature a water dam that can hold 6.5 litres of water per square metre to prevent it from spilling onto surrounding floors.

If you would like further help choosing mats for boats and marine vessels, please contact us via the website or call our friendly advisors on 0121 313 6747.

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